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Diadem Warrior V2

Diadem Warrior V2

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Combining multiple technologies developed by Diadem
Sports and seen previously in the DIADEM WARRIOR EDGE,
VICE and ICON V2, the DIADEM WARRIOR V2 is our most
advanced pickleball paddle to date. The 19 mm thickness
and 3X L-Core enable a player to feel the ball better on dinks
while still generating power on hard hits. The Taper Tech
molded handle allows the Warrior V2 to have a comfortable
feel and slim 4 1/8th grip size. With a Liquid Carbon Fiber
edgeless design and weighing in slightly lighter at 8.25 oz.,
the comfort and balance of this updated paddle makes it
very easy to play with. As with its predecessor, the Warrior
V2 uses the highest quality carbon fiber, Polypropylene
honeycomb, and includes the Aramid honeycomb for
power. With the addition of our Etched Carbon Fiber face,
power meets control and the Warrior V2 becomes the most
complete paddle on the market.

Weight         8.25 oz.

Length         16.4 in.

Width            7.4 in.

Thickness     19 mm

Balance      235 mm

Grip Size      4 1/8th in.

Grip Length   5.3 in.

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