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ProXR Zane Navratil Signature 14

ProXR Zane Navratil Signature 14

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ProXR Zane Navratil Raw Carbon Control 14mm Paddle

The Zane Navratil Signature 14mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is designed to provide you with the same match-dominating control that Zane demands. This control starts with the 10" x 7.5" Ultra Raw T700 carbon fiber face that offers minimal give and plenty of friction, causing the ball to compress and sit on the face for an extended period of time. This extended contact allows you to put excessive spin on cut shots and feel in control more often. Not to be outdone, the 14mm (0.55") thick polypropylene honeycomb core limits vibrations and enhances the sweet spot to help you put more shots exactly where you want them to go.

Complementing all of the control elements found on the ProXR Zane Navratil Carbon 14mm paddle, it does pack a bit of a punch thanks to the ultra-extended 6" long handle wrapped in a Performance-Tac grip, allowing you to get plenty of leverage and swing speed behind the 8.2 oz. weight. That high-speed feel will help you create power on your slams and drives, such that you can punish players you lull into believing you are all about slow, strategic play.

If you desire control and feel from all positions on the court, then the Zane Navratil Carbon 14mm paddle from ProXR Pickleball may just be the pickleball paddle for you.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"

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